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This is not Ferran AdriÓ, the chef of El Bulli, but rather his brother. After an hour's long wait, we've managed to get into his restaurant, Inopia.

We're seated at the bar and rely on the recommendations of our server. Here's a can't-fail tip: If you're at a restaurant and you don't know what to order or can't decide, ask your server for her/his favorites.


Ground pork mixed with yummies and fried in a ball of light dough.

Enjoying our meal. Shout out to our friend Abe Drabkin in Corvallis, OR. I wore this damn shirt in Thailand and Vietnam, too.

White anchovies.

Mini burgers. An "American" dish.

Seasoned rare beef and a plate of grilled peppers with garlic atop toasted baguette.

These may be the best cherries I've ever eaten, and I worked on a cherry orchard for three summers. They've been lightly sprayed with anis.

This was our most expensive meal of the trip, and I think it only ran us 72 Euro, with drinks. That's bloody cheap by US standards.

Karen has run a culinary school for 14 years, and a number of our friends have asked, why, with her culinary connections, could we not get into El Bulli? The answer is that there is no pull with El Bulli. We met this nice couple honeymooning from Vegas likewise waiting to get into Inopia. Allen is an executive chef and had formerly worked for Thomas Keller, and had asked Thomas if he could get him in. No, not so much.

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