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Main Harness

The main wiring harness needed some modification to accommodate the Enduralast voltage regulator and other accessories I wanted. I made up this diagram to work from.

At the dash I wanted dedicated power and ground for auxiliary lights, grip heaters, etc., and to have those switched by a relay in series with the existing load shedding relay so that the accessories would also be shed when the starter motor was running.

I found the existing tach signal compatible with the trail tech computer so no harness mod was needed for that, but I did needed to run temperature sensor leads down to the sensor harness as I mentioned was needed in my previous post.

The parts bike didn't have a usable main harness, so I found one on ebay from a seller in Israel. Here's what arrived. It's generally in good shape, but much of the wrapping tape is falling apart.

It seems after time the tape adhesive dries up and what's left is just glue dust and loose fabric. Where the fabric is really loose dirt and grit enter into the harness.

As I was cutting off the layers a lot of sand and dust was coming out and I imagined the previous owner hauling out in top gear across the vastness of the Israeli desert with a huge cloud of dust trailing behind.

I cleaned up the bare harness and all the connectors with compressed air and a tooth brush.

To start with the mods I put the harness in position and installed the various components it connected up with.

I choose to use 3M Scotch Super 33+ and Super 88 vinyl tape for the rebuild. The 33+ is a little thinner and good for binding and prep work. I used the thicker 88 for the final wrap layer.

I've used these tapes before for harness rebuilds and was satisfied with the result. The finished look is different than the original GS fabric tape, but I think it gives an acceptable look.

For spicing wires together I bought several sizes of brass tube from a local hobby shop. I cut a small piece off with a hacksaw and finish the ends with a file then crimp and solder the connection.

Here's where I tapped into the existing green 'switched power' in the harness to add in the new voltage regulator power lead.

And the finished connection between the main and engine wiring harnesses.

Here's what I was faced with in the front. A lot of existing stuff, and a lot of added stuff for the dash. It took a while to get everything sorted out.

I could get that thing under control though, and here's the finished harness laid out.

With the harness wrap finished I installed it on the bike and started on hooking up all the connections. This shows how the voltage regulator and relays fit with my custom mounts and the rebuilt harness.

To get the things under the front cover in order I needed to take apart the bean can and figure out why the advance was sticking. I won't go into the details of that since its well reported elsewhere. I found some rust on the moving parts of the advance mechanism and figured that was the problem. I cleaned it up and put some high temp grease at the moving parts.

This shows how I ran the alternator output wires and how I attached the terminal block to the timing chain cover.

In the front there was a lot of extra wire since I no longer have the faring nor instruments. It took a while to get it routed and bundle so it wasn't too ugly. The headlight covers most of the bundles.

I'll do some more work up here later as I continue on the dash wiring.

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