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Originally Posted by BiggieFalls
Riding sand on slicks is usually a bad idea. Where is that? I don't remember sand on Cleghorn.
That's why I didn't do Cleghorn with the rest of the guys.... that's not the bike for that kind of stuff, & certainly not with those tires

My plan was to ride out there, ride some roads... meet the guys for lunch, ride some roads back to McDs

Lonestar decided to join me so we rode over to Big Bear while the guys were having their dirt adventure, decided to take in a dirt road (2N10 & 2N08) managed that bit without incident...

After lunch we looked at a map & consulted with Sito... decided to head back to McDs via the 173 to the 138 rather than back the way we came.... the map I was looking at showed that road as being paved

when we discovered that the road turned to dirt, we decided to go ahead & give it a try... wasn't too bad, except for that one bit of sand
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