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after lunch, planning the next route

i see celsius........apparently the town wants to give the village an alpine touch...

adventure pass required in the staging area

then on a quad trail..

up going vehicle gets the priority

this one looks like it lost the front end..

there's a reason why the rhinos avoid this hill climb

chris was elated to see KTMs have limits too...

give the man a little rest and he'll have his revenge

vengeance and wohooo... it's tougher than it looks..



jim prefers the less beaten path

thanks to jl...

nice form there randy

last pic before the batt on my camera went dead...

need to get a spare charged battery before the next ride. lots of good photo ops were missed....

hope you enjoyed the rr and thanks for reading.

it was a wonderful ride.....covered a lot of dirt, discovered new trails, built up my riding confidence and skill, no one got hurt, no carnage, good lunch, able to get regular PPs and new riders to come out, and beautifull weather of course....and i didn't get wet in the rain on the way home..

we did it again, and thanks to all for making our weekend great....
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