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Pops and Richmonders in WV

What this weekend lacked on the odometer, it made up for with quality friends, vittles and roads.

Dad and I originally planned to hit the SABMAG campout down at Willville but changed our mind at last minute to ride some of WV instead. Friday evening, I cooked Pork Chops, Potato and a Salad.

While preparing the meal, my phone kept beeping the incoming posts from the Richmond VA Chatter thread concerning a weekend ride to WV Hey guys, I will be out there Saturday We all planned to meet at Rella's @ 6PM Saturday. Bikers were packed and the rain fell all through the night bringing a welcome cool to my bedroom for the first time in weeks.

When I awoke for my morning run, it was still raining and cool I cooked Dad and I a breakfast off eggs, toast, potato/broccoli/carrot

At the garage, we loaded up the bikes and by the 8:05 departure , the evening's rain had moved east (toward the bunch heading our way) while the skies over the mountain were clearing.

We cruised down 42 to Jennings Gap Rd to 250. I watched as the temperature fell to 70 then 65 and eventually 62F as we crossed over into WV. Here is the view of the Bluegrass Valley from 250

On the backside, Dad needed to add a liner to his mesh gear. I just zipped my vents on the stich and was good to go

Our first destination of the day was the Green Bank National Radio Astronomical Observatory.

They were hosting an annual Astronomical Observers party called "Star Quest" (hence the tents in the field adjacent the air strip)

We had some fun in the educational center...

I thought I'd just disappear

Squat (love Dad's expression)

Model of the GBT (Harry C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope)

We then went on the free facility tour held on the hour. It begins with a shot film, discussion of the facility followed by a bus ride to the GBT.

This is an amplifier made of copper, steel and coated in gold built on site.

Some fun with physics

This was the device used by Bell Telephones to test for interference by various radio waves


Diesel only vehicles beyong this sign. The spark plugs in the common combustion engine emit too much interference.

There are also no photos allowed after this sign. You'll just have to go take the free tour yourself

This was on a local brochure. I just liked it.

Alright, back on the road, we set forth to Cass on Rt.66 (no not that Rt.66)

The old Company Store

Dad saying "I could fix that!"

What a classy place to enjoy an orange!

After our brief stroll, we scooted up 66 to Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort.

They were holding the annual Fire On The Mountain Chili Cook-Off but we had Swiss Food on our to Helvetia! It is out that way somewhere

66 to 219 then left at Valley Head onto 15 and a right onto Turkey Bone Rd to Helvetia. I will paraphrase the conversation we had in the chatterbox units...

"Sorry Dad, I didn't know it was unpaved. Whats that? You hate gravel? Stand on the pegs and deal with it!" He is such a good trooper my Dad.

His load fell off so we had to buckle it down a little tighter.

I mean... come on this is AWESOME!

Around 2:45 we finally made it to The Hutte!

This small bedroom in the back doubles as a reserved lounge seating for a couple.

Don't know much about guns

Fasnacht Masks

This old photo shows a bunch of Dual Sport bikes circa 1980

Miss Elanore is recognized by WV for being AWESOME

For starters, Dad and I split the Hearty Country Stew

Followed with a side of Rosti (potato pancake)

We both enjoyed the Bratwurst with Sauer Kraut and hot Applesauce

Then paid. No credit cards accepted

Recognize this dude?

Dad shouts down "That looks like a hell of a lot of fun!"

I don't think they ever got anything but wounded fish. I'm reading the novel "The River Why" right now and it really degrades folks like this...lack of respect for the fish, natural harmony etc...

And a brief walk around Helvetia

After our brief walk, not long enough to burn off any of our delicious and filling meal, we suited up and headed toward Holly River State Park. With some sweet talkn', I convinced Dad to ride the half paved/half dirt route over to Hacker Valley via Holly River Rd out of Pickens. He was a good sport. The views in the trees are sublime.

We rolled out of here then up to the campsite. IT WAS PACKED with RV's! Almost every site was full. We rode down to the end and decided to chose site 87. While returning to pull in to the site who do we see but....THE RICHMONDERS Talk about great timing dudes. We chit chat, set up camp then head for the one and only...Rella's Roadside Cafe, Hacker Valley, WV

The lineup

"Put that darn camera away!" She Says... (no she loves us)

Hard at work in the kitchen preparing our meal

These chips never seem to move. No matter. Great place

Thanks Madstrom...I'm usually the one doing that

I recommended the Meatloaf Sandwich with Mashed Potatoes for $5.95 Always filling

The sweet tea was frozen. We all waited for it to come spilling out on his lap but unfortunately it did not

Still full from my meal at The Hutte, I enjoyed a slice of Graham Cracker Pie and brought Dad, showering at camp, a slice of Lemon Pie.

After our filling meal, I showed the group over Replete Road to the Hanging Rock. We first stopped at the Wheeler Gazebo overlook.

Then down to...

Michub took this Picture. I guess it was the music in my helmet...I don't know what got in to me

We stopped for ice and cokes up the road on the way back to camp.

This group passed us on Replete that is a curvy road I WOULD NOT want to ride in the back of a truck on. Whatever man...

Bikes in the garage.

Time for a brew or two.

Chatted till 10:30 then off to bed. I was swinging in my hammock again. Slept like a rock.

I awoke around 5:30 but didn't get up till 6. Showered then went for a nature walk. I need my alone time in the mornings.

Made a cup of tea on the Holly River.

There were a ton of owls at camp!

Blurry shot of the owl taking flight.

Mornin helmet reflection shot. Sorry for the smudges.

The best chub "Get the F outta my face" shot

We packed up and went back to Rella's for breakfast. This is Jeanice's daughter and Rella's grandaughter helping out while Jeanice is in the hospital.

I challenge you to a duel!

Mornin breakfast shot of Dad's plate.

We slowly finished our meal, had another cup of coffee and chatted with the folks. I then led a spirited ride (read lets play catch up to Mike and Madstrom everyone) down to Webster Springs (gas stop) then rolled out 15 to 219. Here we are waiting for folks to catch up.

All set!

Pretty darn good I'd say

This neat old gas station/antique shop/roadside curiosity is located in Slatyfork. Stop by if you are ever passing through on 219S to Marlinton.

We rolled over to the Highland scenic byway for a spin along 150 in this beautiful weather. I have been up here in crappy rain and fog more times than sun so this was quite a treat.

Awesome views indeed.

After a couple tries, he achieved the grand balancing act. Then left his glasses on the post

Pops and chub

Stop after stop...I'm sure they were getting fed up with my antics. This will be the last stop guaranteed! Honeycomb Rocks.

In fact, this was the last photo as well We made our way quickly down to 39 where a bike race was in progress. Cruised the twisties into Marlinton on 219 then rode 39 east. Pops and I hung a left on 92 in Minnehaha Springs then rode 84 up to a snack stop in Monterrey and 250>42 on home.

Yes I washed the bike, yes my chain is clean, No I am not ashamed

Great time with Dad, perfect weather and less than stellar mileage which means naught. Thanks to all the Richmonders who came out to make this weekend a blast. See you soon in your neck of the woods maybe. Maybe not

Till next weekend.

Lost with Mike
Only those that go would know. - WayneJ
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