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720 Degrees in Japan

Does anybody else have a road with SINGLE CURVE that is more than 720 degrees? (Parking garages need not apply.)

In Japan near Shizuoka is a structure called the Kawazu-Nanadaru Loop Bridge. It is on Highway 414 south of Tokyo on the way to hot springs in Izu. You're on this twisty mountain road that suddenly shoots straight off of a cliff onto a super-ultra-glorified spiral off-ramp that loops twice around as you drop about 150 feet, to continue the same direction you were headed in the first place.

I rode this road in 2004. There was construction and traffic was going only one way at a time. Here are a couple of crappy AVIs I shot that day while waiting for our turn. I can't seem to get AVIs to embed properly, so the links follow.

Link to 720-1

Link to 720-2

The videos are included to sort of "justify" this as a ride report. What I really wanted to do was show some other folks' photos of this roadway that I found on the interweb. It is a REALLY hard feature to find a place to pull over and get any sort of photo in frame worth clicking the shutter. You really do come around a bend, then shoot out the side of a cliff without warning.

Here it is on Google Maps:,0.00327&z=19
Too bad the GoogleMap Car has not driven around and around it, yet.

While I had already ridden thousands of miles on the left side of the road, this was the first time I had been riding in Japan. Traffic there is INTENSE. We did manage to break out and find a couple of open roads, which were spectacular. But for the most part, the bikes that Japan produces confuse me. I don't mean mechanically, I mean philosophically.

If you visit any town in Italy where motorcycles are or have been produced, it is immediately apparent why Italian motorcycles look and sound and handle like they do. They FIT. The overwhelming impression is that these vehicles evolved on these roads. But in Japan, for example, a Hayabusa makes no sense at all.

That's about as close to a ride report as I am getting today. I was looking for something, came across the videos and thought I should post a note before I lose the brain cells associated with this memory, too.

P.S. If somebody can figure out how to get the AVIs embedded properly and send me the correct code, I sure would appreciate it. They are NOT supposed to autostart and I think we all DO want the controls. TIA!
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