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Originally Posted by LukasM
...Yo JJ,

Have I seen a picture of your new steed yet? I am just fixing up an 800 Beemer, I have a feeling that I'll want to trade it in on a SE after the first ride around the block... Less weight, more power!

LukasM "slumming" in the humble, little thread I started...To what do I owe this honor?

I don't think you've seen a picture of my SE, yet. I've had the thing quite awhile. However, I didn't start showing it alot of love until it took-over the DR's daily duties...Then, the "fine-tuning" began.

Congrats. on the 800. I think they are great bikes...Rotax, aren't they? Dude, you know you're a KaTooM guy. How in the world did you wind-up with the 800? I think every bike you own has some KTM part integrated. What's the project this time?...WP suspension and a 690E fender on the Beemer?

I'll tell you man...I don't think any bike has the "edge" of the SE. I parked it at a little get-together, this weekend, amidst several "pricey" steeds. There were people around it all day. They were posing and taking pictures with the damn thing! it was a porn star at a movie premiere. I thought about charging for the photo ops.

On top of it being edgy, there are some guys, here (in the OC), who can ride it like it's a 200-pound enduro weapon. I can't, but some can. Because of them, I am continually amazed at the beating it is capable of.

Here is a gratuitous "portrait" for your viewing pleasure...

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