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OK, so I got some fresh batteries for the camera, cause today is a special occasion. My best friend of 20+ years is here visiting from Texas. I haven't seen him for over 3 years, cause he was living it up in Hawaii when I left Texas (lucky bastard). He was recovering from a severe T-bone bike wreck, and his lovely wife Shannon is a dialysis nurse (very high demand) she gets to pick where she wants to work. She picked Hawaii!!! So Frankie (that FF) ran off with her and left me in West Texas while he recuperated, fishing for Mahi Mahi and hanging out on black sand beaches watching the wahinis float by. Hell with physical therapy! Gimme some of that therapy!

So here we are at Matthew's, catching up & having a few.

Me & Frankie

Me & Frankie will prolly get in trouble for this....But we used to play in the same band, chase the same girls, fish til the skeeters bled us dry, bring ugly ol' bikes back from the dead, build scary fast junk cars and drive 'em so fast we just kissed the high spots in the road, do illegal things at night, with illegal girls, and just generally do what young studs do.....that was a long time ago Shannon

Bro, I never knew anyone who was as solid as you, not even my own family. You are the solidest Bro there ever was or ever will be......

So here's the video that best describes our life in boring-ass Sullivan County back in the day (you had to MAKE your own fun!!!)

Shannon & Frankie.....(She's a real Texas girl (& she's tough ). Ahh juss luuv the waay she tawks, y'all )

I love these two

After we got toasted and toasted some stuff, they went to do some touring around in their rented town car (GAK!!!), and I rode around town and took some more pics.

Now don't get me wrong about Frankie....he is a rider. One that would make a lot of ADVers jealous. He just ain't got no interest in the web. I tried to get him in here....he was like "meh."

So I left Matthew's and cruised down the main drag to the Delaware Community Center. They have a nice pool there:

And next to the pool is The Community Center where Master Micheal Hrynko was teaching a Martial Arts class. I caught them by surprise.....

But the Master soon had them all ready to bow for ADV

Master Micheal Hrynko has been teaching martial arts in this area for approximately.....forever. As long as I can remember, and I'm 44. No wonder he looks like Santa Clause (but he could still kick your ass grasshoppah). And he is oldschool scooter people, with stories to tell from hell
His web link is:

Here, as the light is failing, we have a view of the baseball field, across the tennis courts. Local softball teams play here regularly.

This is the north end of Main street with the Library & Flea Market. The fle market is an antique paradise But be aware....all the antique stores in Callicoon are only open on weekends.

A little further down, antiques, a Native American craft store,a coffee shop,

a health food store and a cafe. Then a pizza shop, more antiques, a realtor, more antiques....and back to Matthew's.

Acroos the tracks then, to the Western Hotel Liquor Store (it's around the back And Cap'n Krunch is there) BTW, Harmonie Hall is the dance hall at the Western Hotel. They try to keep everything in the spirit of the 1800's railroad town palace she was in her day, and owner Joe is a refined gentleman & connoisseur of fine cigars.

This pristine '57 T-bird belongs to Joe. It's for sale for the right price. Anyone interested feel free to PM me & I will put you in touch with him.

From thence, I head home. But there's more. Delaware Valley Job Corps. A former monastery, now converted to a juvenile vocational reform school. It's unfortunate there is a necessity to put a beautiful building like this to use for such a purpose. It is like a castle.....

And the sign at the gates (they wouldn't let me any closer). :(
I've known kids who came out of Job Corps. Some did well, some didn't. Either way, this is a kids prison. Very sad....

On a side note: Napanoch State Prison (A.K.A.- Eastern Correctional Facility) is such a shame. What an amazing piece of be wasted as a prison

Sorry to leave you on a sad note. Next post will be better, I promise
Going to BBQ with Frankie & Shannon tomorrow night, after I see the orthopedist & stay over at Swinging Bridge Lake (A.K.A.-9 Mile Lake). Gonna do some fishin', take some pics & just generally have a blast!! And you're invited. So subscribe

See ewes all next time.
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