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The Late Train will be departing from Tami's Tiki Bar (behind Freebornes) @ 10:45 AM Friday and Saturday.

Be ready to ride with a full tank of gas.

Be prepared to take care of yourself and your bike....water, snacks, tools, tubes, plugs, JB weld etc..

Bring cash for gas and lunch, plastic may or may not work.

This is NOT a beginners ride as I will try to keep the pace brisk.

...but if you are an experienced flat tracker it may be a bit boring and slow...

The routes are "big bike friendly" if you are comfortable riding on steep, narrow, twisty one lane gravel roads that may be covered in fresh marbles that may also be quite deep and loose from a fresh grading.

Rules? Yes!

Standard rules will apply.....YOU are responsible for the rider behind you!!

DO NOT proceed through an intersection/turn until you know the rider behind sees and is following you!!

Thou shalt not worry that thou hast lost sight of the rider in front of you.
As that rider shalt be waiting for YOU at the next turn!!

I think it's gonna be fun!

I've scouted some new stuff to mix in and we'll have an opportunity to stop for a
n early to mid afternoon lunch and still be back to camp in plenty of time for dinner :fingerscrossed

**For more info and a preview see scouting notes below**

**Edit 2-9-2011**

I'm thinking that since last years 10:30 departure was too early for some maybe I'll push it back this year. Gather behind the bandstand/tiki bar area at Freebornes.

Gonna try to stick with the same "type" of roads, twisty low traffic secondarys both paved and gravel, maybe even a little dirt too.

Lunch may end up being a bigger priority this time around...I'll try and scout some places out better and see what the majority of the group would like to do each day. I can be flexible on whether we chill out with a longer lunch or grab a snack and roll.

The ride will be "big bike" friendly again, that is as long as you are comfortable with very loose marbled gravel on steep, narrow mountain roads. There was plenty of freshly graded deep gravel last year so I'm expecting similar conditions.

You can CLICK HERE to see what this ride was all about in 2010


First scouting ride has been made for 2011 CLICK HERE for some pics. I see a plan starting to unfold and it's looking good. The roads are already in much better shape than they were in May last year!

**April Fools Ride**

After today's ride it has been decided that Saturday's ride will also be quite different from last year's version!! Roads are still in great shape so I'm planning to add even more dirt!
CLICK HERE to see a report from today's scouting trip.

*** 4-8-11 ***

CLICK HERE to see some more scouting pics...

*** 4-10-11 ****

CLICK HERE to see some of the best scouting pics yet!


Full pre-ride of Friday's route CLICK HERE and keep scrolling

Standard rules will apply (pssst look at Mike's rules in post #3 above)

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