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Originally Posted by AlabamaCowboy

Interesting report and I enjoyed the photos.... The stacked stone graves are fairly common in small, rural cemeteries up here in the Northeastern Madison County.... In college, I did a semester of directed studies on Southern Burial Customs and Cemeteries and found it to be a fascinating subject...... I once new more about the stacked stone graves, but have long since forgotten I am afraid....

I recall that customs and practices even in Alabama, vary widely from one region of the state to another.... Tennessee Valley had its own set of practices due to the preponderance of early settlers from the Carolinas, Virgina and Georgia....and being predominately Scots-Irish, Irish, English, etc... the wiregrass region down south had its own customs and practices that I recall being quite different from those up here in North Alabama...and of course Mobile with its French/Spanish influences is different still....

Overall, fascinating stuff... and something most of us do not give much thought to..... the old/rural protestant cemeteries are being quickly replaced by the big football field expanses of manicured commercial cemeteries... and it is a shame ...

Thanks for the report !! Keep up the amazing work... and by the way.... I mentioned to the owner of New Market BBQ, that your wife and she went to high school... she was utterly confused.. not understanding how someone here would have any connection to back home in Kentucky... but she put it together and we were both laughing about the "connections" we Southerners seem to have, no matter where we might move to !

Thanks AlabamaCowboy!

I too find the Burial Custom of stacked stone graves to be fascinating.

-Some believe the field stones were placed on graves to deter scavenging animals.

-Others believe it was to show respect.

Very interesting.

I have another lost cemetery to explore this weekend.
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