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Originally Posted by AMAL
Have you ever driven a car without power steering on a bad road? You feel all of the bumps and pot holes jerking the steering wheel out of your hands and rattling your teeth. The steering damper can make a bike seem like you put power steering on it. You don't get tired as easily. It is great to have when riding fast on rough terrain. You have control instead of the bike controling you. You don't feel all of the chop through the handlebars that you are riding across. It gets rid of forearm pump big time! It increased my riding time more than 2X before I started getting tired. The problem is realizing when you are tired! On the wrong bike; that can mean trouble. I know about that aspect too!
Originally Posted by neduro
It's good for everything except supercross. It's bad for supercross. Any questions?

Seriously, there is no downside that I have ever found, aside from a lighter wallet. But the upsides are huge- it takes a huge amount of work out of riding anywhere that rocks and so forth want to twist the bars back and forth (which is pretty much everywhere off-road) and it has no negative impact on tight handling.

My XR damper finally lost its seals in Baja and pumped it's oil out. After 20k miles with it on, riding without it was a very sad eye opener to how great a job it does- you don't notice it's there, it's just like all those rocks moved out of the way for you.
Thanks fellas! That's what I thought, but so many people throwin money at their bike don't do the dampener... just wondered if one of the naysayers might have some reason. Even one of the 950 riders in SoCal who rode thru a ditch that ran 45 degrees across the trail had the bars crank over and highsided claimed that a dampener wouldn't have helped him
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