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Originally Posted by HickOnACrick
...I guess another way to ask this is: when you adjust the oxygen content of the carburetor, i.e., traveling to a higher altitude, does the fuel intake automatically get adjusted as well, or is a lean mixture always lean regardless of the altitude?? Are they dependant or independant variables (for the mathematically geeky out there).

The way that I have always understood this is...

The higher you go (altitude-wise), the more rich your mixture will become. In other words, if your bike is spot-on at 1000', it will be noticeably rich at 7000'.

When I decided to rejet my bike, it was because of input that I received on this site. However, my problems were surging and some type of intermittent "stutter". So, the rejetting process also afforded me the opportunity to look for vacuum and venting problems.

After the rejet, the problems (surging) are not completely gone, but the bike is (at least) tolerable. Prior to the rejet, it was getting to the point where I didn't really want to ride it.

My personal opinion is that I could probably fine-tune the bike even more (after my recent rejet). However, some genius tucked the fuel system into the airbox, and made the thing so damn hard to get to. But, that's another topic for another time.

Stobie's recommendation, coincidently, is one of the few regrets that I have. I wish that I had adjusted the needle(s), and tinkered with the idle-air mixture screws (possibly, even the floats), prior to the rejetting. But, what's done is done...and I like my bike alot more now then before the rejet.

By the way, the reason that I initially responded to your post was because of the "popping" thing. As I stated, I did nothing to the circuit that takes-over when you chop the throttle. However, after the rejet, the popping is considerably less (almost non-existant). I think that the richening of the entire lower end of the carburetion (zero-to-partial throttle) may have helped that particular situation.

I know how it is when your bike is doing something that you hate. Luckily, you have the OC. Good Luck to ya'.

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