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Originally Posted by HickOnACrick
I thought the jetting might be the issue as well. The only evidence to the contrary is that I get popping with decel whether I am at 11,000 feet or 3,000 feet. It seems that if the issue were being too lean at 3000 feet, that the popping would get better at 11,000 feet. Am I wrong to assume this?

I guess another way to ask this is: when you adjust the oxygen content of the carburetor, i.e., traveling to a higher altitude, does the fuel intake automatically get adjusted as well, or is a lean mixture always lean regardless of the altitude?? Are they dependant or independant variables (for the mathematically geeky out there).
It is adjusted with altitude to a degree. Out of the 3 main circuits the carbs have, (fuel screws, needles, main jets) it is the needles which self adjust the best with altitude in CV carbs. The fuel screws setting as well as the main jets, also self adjust the quantity of fuel through them (via the venturi effect) but not as successfully.

I would expect, that because of the venturi effect, carbs would be able to self adjust at any altitude and to be honest, I don't know why this is not the case. Maybe someone who knows more can help us here.

As a side note, it appears to subjective me, that my bike is more sensitive to air temperature than it is to altitude.

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