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I too love the history of this country. I was born and raised in N GA at the bottom of Kennesaw MTN. Grew up playing in the civil war trenches and fox holes as a kid litterally in our back yard. Lived in FLA for a few years and now live in SC. The history in Sc is amazing instead of seeing early to mid 1800s you see 1700 and even 1600 history markers. I may have a clue to the unusual tombs in some of your pics. Watched a recent show on TV about who really discovered America that was very interesting. They said that a Welsch group was believed to have went up Mobile bay and moved thru Al and N GA and later blened in with the natives to form the Mandan tribe in Ohio. This could have been some of thier decendents. The Desoto falls area have caves with remnants of unusual rock buildings/tombs that the locals have callled the Welsch caves for as long as any one can remember. A side note I am probally 1 of 2 people ever to scuba dive at Desoto Falls I talk my buddy into a adventure from hell many years ago. We dragged our 100 pound of gear over boulders for miles to get at the base of the falls. It kicked our ass but it was worth it- ADVSCUBA. Keep it coming

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