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Today, I have been mostly 'working' on a Reliant Robin, installing a repaired (fingers crossed) heater matrix, with new fan motor & new piping, as well as dismantling the carb to deal with the outcome of a missing damping plunger circlip. Luckily nothing broke, or so it seems, but the owners poor capability in the area of ordering a circlip has somewhat slowed progress. Frankly, I'm not going anywhere near the electrics as it may quite probably (will almost definitely) produce the following result:

The 'vehicle' in question belongs to the almost legendary Astral (see pic @ bottom for an approximation), who regular readers will remember is the terrible result of an experiment to merge the DNA of the human race with that of a potato, within the catalytic medium of a cold Pot Noodle. Spending time there is like being on a vegetable based 'Island of Dr Moreau'... Over here you can drive 3 wheelers on a full bike license, so dear Diffabled* Astral saw a cheap (600!) Robin as the way toward being able to get himself & his produce to the farmers market, rather than relying on scrounging lifts there & back every fortnight. It hasn't always worked out successfully, due in no small part to constant breakdowns (not mine), and he's becoming great friends with all the locally based RAC roadside repair operatives** By my reckoning the whole thing has cost him a total of somewhere in the region of 2000 so far? I keep trying to persuade him to invest in an onboard fire extinguisher but he won't listen. I'll be completing the very limited tasks I've agreed to do and washing my hands of the thing to avoid getting sucked into the fabled 'Astral Vortex of Doing Other Bits', which is similar to the Bermuda Triangle but opposite in that stuff keeps appearing. That, as I understand Mr B. Manilow Esq. once warbled, would indeed be 'Very Bad'.

Two grand eh? I could have a brilliant weekend with two grand...

In other news, I'm getting third hand moany whiney moany complaints about 'roaring far too loudly into the car park here at the flats @ 3am'. Firstly (as if such shit actually matters) it's entirely untrue because the 'nice new considerate me' cuts the engine on the kill switch and coasts into a parking bay so as to avoid waking everyone within half a kilometre with my un-muffled bang bang machine. And secondly I think I'll respond by revving the nuts off the thing just to demonstrate quite how thoughtful I'm being so far. It seems as though everyone who lives here does so because they have some problem or another (I know I do ) The complainer in question (who moans elsewhere but says nothing to me direct just like a genuine full blown pussy) is quite obviously here because he's a complete & utter asshole of a wanker of a shitheaded twat of a wanky asshole. He's lucky I don't install a boxer engine in his bedroom for max revs bench testing, tho I still may...

* Differently Abled.
** It seems they think he's Jesus?, everytime they see him they mutter 'Oh Christ'.

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