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We started the morning of day three with a few more poster shots before we hit the road.

Before 6 A.M. is too early for the Salute

Guess not

We got some R.V.ers doing the same thing to take our picture.

We got on the highway headed north and right away I was suprised to see our first moose. She was on the run so it was a pretty crappy picture but I had proof I saw a moose.

we stopped for fuel and met a guy on a Burgman riding from Georgia to Homer Alaska. And people tell me I'm crazy?

And once again the weather does'nt suck..

sometimes there was traffic

But what can you do about traffic?

stop and wait out the rush hour

Glad that's over

It started to look like the good weather was over to. We stopped in the sunshine to put our raingear on before we got under the dark clouds.

I'm really glad I bought a new rainsuit for this trip, my textile suit is waterproof but only for so long. I also used that rainsuit over my textiles when the temperatures got down in the 30's and 40's the suit does a great job in blocking the wind from pulling heat away from your body I don't think I'll do another long trip with out it. and like Jeff said. "This isn't a Fashion Show."

good thing we suited up.

But after only 20 or 30 minutes it cleared back up.

a quick stop for fuel at the Toad River Lodge

Just a side note, when you come over a hill to see this sign from the back side where it's painted black it may cause members of your group to apply their brakes suddenly.

this sign might cause sudden braking as well.

or this one

some really neat landscape here

and more Moose

Chuck passed us while we were taking pictures of the Moose

Chicks dig the sheep picture.

The first Bear, He just would'nt cooperate with the camera.

watch for what?

A few miles after the Grazing Roadblock we were at our campsite. Liard Hot Springs.

our neighbor on the GSA was from New Mexico and just out on a cruise.

our other noisy neighbor a white owl

of course we had to check out the hot springs, Once we got by this vicious beast

The Big Deep moderate temperature pool. 9 feet deep and I'd guess 90 degrees.

The Way Way too Damn Hot! pool

If you can make it to this end of the pool your supposed to stack a rock on the pile. (there isn't very many rocks over there) I could'nt make it within 50 feet.

Hot Spring sure feel Great after a long day in the saddle you come out refreshed and ready to do it again the next day.
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