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Hey man, thx!
I don't want to be more catholic than the pope but all the posts were on 950/990. there is no difference on the wheel but on the weight and suspenssion side it is, and I thought that it counts for something!

But I take your word for good and I go ahead.

regarding your trip to bucharest and the wheel kits, give me more details if u want, and thx again!


Originally Posted by woody's wheel works
i have to go to bucharest to pick up an extra set of wheels i buildt for one of your fellow countrymen,,maybe i'll bring some wheel kits for you

Zach,,my resident superlacer will be back from the hospital today,,he'll remember who he buildt one for,,,in the meantime all the pros and cons apply to virtually all the bikes that we convert form 21/17,,it is ithe nature of this tire wheel set-up,,,,read about them here:

i have no idea why you all are so concerned about finding a 640 owner that had his wheel converted,,,,you can ask most any owner that has his 21/18 converted to 19/17!!!!

and that's my final answer and i'm sticking with it!!!
just ajoke,,i'll answer more questions

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