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sorry woody, I was talking about the weight of the bikes :) and from here the difference in comportment, that is why I keep asking for someone with a modified 640. Again, I'm sure u know your stuff, I'm just the kind who needs to know before trying.

Ro is a beautiful country, often compared to Swissland or Austria in terms of landscapes. Unfortunately, there are allready 3 months of havy raining and many countrysides are to muddy for bigger bikes. But otherwise u will find here roads and trails for each taste, from hard to easy, from sand to rocks. Starting the next week it will follow a break in rains and the sun will shine with high temps []36 to 40 celsius. So I can say that the first half of august will be safe and dry for u.

Brasov [read brashov] is close to the middle of the country so between 400 to 600 km depending wich direction u come to.

If u come and need help or info, please do not hesitate to contact me [u have pm with contatc details]. Any way, give me a sign if u come, maybe will ride some miles toghether.

Originally Posted by woody's wheel works
well being a good altar -boy i have to tell ya that the wheels will pretty much end up weighing the same so your suspension shouldn't be affected if the unsprung weight is fairly equal,,,,

when going from narrow/ larger diameter to smaller/wider the amount of metal used is similar,,,BUT hey,,ya have me an idea,,i'll weigh em and give a full report on it

OBTW,,my word is real good


PS,,i hear you have a beautiful country,,,,i have dear friend in Braslov,,when is a good time to go by motorcycle??? and roughly how long /kilometers to braslov?
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