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Originally Posted by ihatefalling
You D606 in the rear is low too.

But since it's my 1st DS tire I've worn out, I don't know how low to let it get before I trash it...

I just need to make sure I can make it through MILL CREEK ! ! !

well you know the less meat you have to hold the tire up off the road the more likely you are to have a flat. on the dirt roads this always happens, its not the lack of traction...its the rocks causing a flat. rember a bike tire is not like a car tire in it dont have steel belts and its not as thick. a good hard packed dirt road will cut a slick tire all to hell. that tread adds high and keeps alot of this from happening. i have ran tires like yours and mine untill the bare threads show on paved roads, but hit a dirt road for just a few miles and boom FLAT.....damn i suer hate fixing a flat beside the road.

But thats just my experiance over the years.. ask stanley how them smooth tires hold up in the hard dirt poor feller !

anyways,,,, im getting me a new one verry soon and kinda cutting the sharp rocks short for a day or two.

I take pride in having a ugly bike,where i ride pretty dont count.
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