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Today, because I know you all like to know exactly what I do each day, I've started recording sessions on an album of obscurish cover versions of obscurish material by in the main obscurish artistes. The first one to get attacked is a track called 'House Fire' by Pete Thompson. I know very little about him as I'm very lazy when it comes to background research, and I only got the EP because it was sent to me in or around 2000 as a duplication sample by a company that was quoting me for reproduction on 6000 CD's for a music project I was running (Soundstudio). I've never been able/never bothered to find out who he is/was but I quite liked the track, and the overall production values on the EP were quite interesting. Wait, I just found him. This is a different track called 'Everyone Knows it'...

I'm running Propellerheads Record/Reason, which I must say I adore. So easy to work with, never crashes, and has a good depth of sound where I usually find most DAWs to sound a bit 'thin', and crash continually when you push them.

This has little or nothing to do with Beemers except that I've sampled an exhaust pulse & used it as a bass drum
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