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Day 4
Monday June 28th

with an early start we were headed to the Yukon Territory.

The First time the Alcan Crosses into the Yukon there is a little somewhat run-down sign. This was the first time any of us had been there so we stopped to record our acheivment.

There is a little hill about 100 yards behind us in these pictures. it's hard to see. but its there

I don't think we would have spent so much time taking pictures and ing... if we had known what was just on the other side of that little hill....

A few miles up the road we came across this Monster

this guy was huge, he had to be a 500 pounder.

A few more miles we ran into a smaller but still pretty big bear

and these are only the ones that stuck around long enough for us to take pictures.

Yukon sign # 2

That last sign was in Watson Lake, Home of the sign forest.

pretty cool idea.


I found a Burlington (New Jersey I believe) sign that someone had modified with a Sharpie to represent my home town.

so I left my mark.

I'm sure there is a story behind this Mark.

Outside Watson Lake it was open highway and clear skies.

We stopped for fuel in Teslin and Chuck caught up to us again.

Here he is towering over Fred.

We rolled right through Whitehorse without stopping and on towards Haines Junction.

The only picture I took in Whitehorse

North of Whitehorse the terrain changed considerably, The trees got smaller and the land opened up more. It's pretty awesome country like nothing I had seen before.

In Haines Junction the fist stop was for fuel and I was already starting to like this place.

The Kluane RV Kampground was just down the road from the gas station we picked out a site and paid

We started unpacking the bikes and I threw some change and my cell phone on the table.......... Big Mistake.

Campsite # 2

After we set up camp we rode back into town for a burger and a view.

Great Milkshakes by the way.

I got caught breaking the law of ATGATT.

It was about 75 out and riding in a t-shirt felt really good for that 1/2 mile ride.

Guess I don't get to ride the.

We bought some beer carry out from the bar and headed for camp

Yukon Brewing Company...... Beer worth freezing for.

It wasn't half bad beer. That won't be the last time we drink it on this trip.
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