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*****Full disclosure, I did not buy this product from this vendor but had one that looks exactly the same.******

Anyway, for all you iphone 3GS users, I made my own pigtale using the USB socket and a powerlet socket. I charge my phone while the engine is running during a ride.

Here are some pictures showing the phone on charge using the socket and using the mother ship mac. I have opened a battery utility so you can see the charge rate. The first photo is on the bike and as you can see, the time remaining for a FULL CYCLE charge is 21:36:45 That obviously decreases rapidly as the charge completes.

This second photo is charging from my computer. As you can see, the app has determined that it will take the same amount of time to complete the charge as it did on the bike.

So I don't think anyone should have an issue with it. The package did state, no motorola. Here is my pigtale:

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