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Day 5

The morning started early and was probably the coldest morning of the trip.

When I took my rainfly off my tent and laid it on the ground the moisture on the inside of it froze.

shortly out of Haines junction we got our first lesson on Frost Heaves.

Frost Heave noun
A section of ruptured pavement caused by the expansion of freezing water immediately under the road. Also called frost boil.

Frost Heaving (′fröst ′hēvˇiŋ)
(geology) The lifting and distortion of a surface due to internal action of frost resulting from subsurface ice formation; affects soil, rock, pavement, and other structures.

what the definition doesn't tell you is that Frost Heaves come in all shapes and sizes. From 2 inch potholes to massive swallow your car Craters.

Sorry none of us got a decent picture of a Frost Heave

We were having way too much fun dodging the small ones and nearly getting air off the big ones at 60 mph +, I think my tires left the pavement on more than one occasion.

The Pavement was just Wonderfully Terrible.

We stopped for fuel in Beaver Creek where Fred got a cup of coffee

3 times the fun.

30 miles and hundreds of frost heaves down the road we stopped at a rest area and I heard Fred saying his coffee was too hot back there and he had to take it with him.

I said "so let me get this straight we were jumping and dodging frost heaves while you were back there helmet flipped up, drinking coffee that was too hot and riding through that shit?"

Fred answers "Yeah?"


The border crossing was great, not even a "take your helmet off please" I hate crossing borders.

a great representation

as soon as we got back on the pavement we saw some guy driving his plane down the road

The Tananna river (I believe)

We stopped in Tok for fuel, I'm sure there is a story behind this.

Then to Fast Eddies for lunch. notice the bikes have some mud on them now from the construction around the border.

The car in this picture is an Aston Martin (Db9?) The guy was Headed to Calgary Alberta on the same road we just came through.

We stopped at a gift shop in Tok for some new stickers.

and Fred got a big one.

Outside of Tok we passed where they had a Forest fire about 2 weeks before, I guess it closed the road for 2 days

it started raining around Delta Junction.

and rained on us all the way to Fairbanks.

We got in fairly late, tired, and hungry so we got the first motel we saw. The College would have been cheaper but we had food and beer within walking distance and real beds for the first time in a few days it was quite nice.
besides tommorow was a big day.
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