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Day 6

Morning in Fairbanks brought us cloudy skies, a light fog, and no rain.

we enjoyed our complimentary continental breakfast and left the motel at around 8:30.

We passed the Dalton HWY sign, the pavement ended and almost immediately it started raining, coupled with a thick fog, then we caught up to a semi truck hauling a huge atco trailer followed by a pilot car, we couldn't see the front of the truck let alone any oncoming traffic. all of this in the first mile of the Dalton.

I thought, well I guess this is the Haul Road........... Cool!

The truck pulled over and the pilot car driver waived us by. then the fog lifted and the rain lightened up, just a bit of mud to deal with now.

Crossing the Yukon River

someone chime in here and tell me what these speakers are for.

we stopped at the Yukon river for fuel and the first thing Fred said was "I can't believe were having these perfect riding conditions" I guess you had to be there but there was alot of laughing and joking the rest of the trip about that comment. I would'nt go as far as perfect but I'd say conditions were good so far.

and Hey, were NorthWetters this road is way better than any loggin road we got, escpecially when it's raining.

crappy 87 octane from a barrel.

The Yukon River

this is also were we met Austin, an Adventure rider from Hawaii

After the Yukon River conditions were pretty damn close to perfect

wonderfull, moist, smooth, why are we only going 70?, DIRT

I've read alot of threads on the Dalton, some of which describe almost unrideable conditions, others say it's a great road easily ridden on a Harley.

I say it's just freakin sweet.

Mom and 5 Babies.

Good Camo

next stop the Arctic Circle.

and another new sticker for the Gobis

The Arctic Interpretive center in Coldfoot

Nice Place

You are Here..

We got to see :




Arctic Hare

Moose Antlers

Wolf and Bear Hides

and we got our Arctic Circle Certificates

$4.50 per Gallon, I was expecting higher

Back on the Dalton

to The Boreal Lodge in Wiseman

Nice Place and 1/2 the price of the Coldfoot Camp.

complete with showers and Kitchen

Jeff Cooks Mac and Cheese

I eat it

After dinner we walked around and took some pictures

it's all alternative energy here.

The town Phone

After my picture taking tour of Wiseman it was time to hit the hay, More to come tommorow.
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