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I had a 99 605 and enjoyed everything about it except the fuel range, 93 miles just wasn't far enough for the type of riding I wanted to do.
Great engine, super reliable. Looks like a great project. Be sure to update us on the progress, as it happens.

That's mostly the reason I went for the older/original 604 chassis - tank choices. In the MZ Saxon Country the 504 was averaging mid 60s with Bing CV carb. Average range before going onto reserve was 300 miles! With the 4.6 gallon tank, I should be good for 200+ before reserve with the 604. Gearing will be slightly lower and the carburetor different (I've chosen a Dellorto PHBE 38), but it should do at least mid 50s.

I thought about doing a build thread here, but my progress will likely be so slow that everyone but me would lose interest. I started a blog elsewhere, once there's enough content I'll post a link. I did create a small photo album so my friends could see what I'd been babbling on about.
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