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A few more old equipment shots from Wiseman.

We were gonna miss this shindig

The Boreal Lodge was a great place to stay if your ever in the area.

The next day started out overcast

At the top of the pass

The Brooks Range was spectacular.

More on that later.
Next we ran into these hungry creatures

When people say you need 98% Deet and a headnet they aren't joking! I have never seen so many mosquitos. We were also warned to watch for trucks approaching from ahead and behind and to pull over and give them lots of room. Although we never had any come from behind , we did have a lot of oncoming trucks. The drivers seemed to appreciate our pulling over and giving them lots of room. They always waved using all five fingers. Back to Ippons post about the speakers on the Yukon River bridge. I was to far away to hear clearly what was broadcast but it sounded like "HEY YOU DUMB A$$ DIDN"T YOU READ THE SIGN ABOUT NOT STOPPING ON THE BRIDGE. THERE IS A TRUCK COMING BEHIND YOU AND HE IS GOING TO BE PISSED IF YOU ARE IN HIS WAY!!!" But maybe someone who was closer could comment.
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