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After finding a post office and lightening my load, things packed up much better.

My decision was made early about the TAT.

It rained most of the day. I got a late start because of the re-packing so was anxious to make some miles. Also I have read some ride reports on the TAT in Oklahoma that showed some nasty mud in the rain, and wasn't interested in getting messed up in any of it.

Lots of flat land heading across northern Oklahoma. In the rain most of the day, the wind was pretty steady as well. I normally get in the mid forties per gallon on my DR, but in this wind I got around 32 to 34 all day.

Lots of straight roads as well.

I had to throw this one in for Pnoman

Oklahoma has historical markers too.

Think we should start another thread

Except for the rain, this was still an interesting area. Not much to show up in photos, but still plenty to see. I wouldn't mind running the TAT through here sometime.

Everything wasn't flat.

I saw a sign for another historical maker coming up. From the road I had been on that day, I assumed it was going to say "First curve in 50 miles"

Surprisingly, that wasn't what it was.

I got up in the north west corner of the state and decided to explore a little bit.

I thought for a minute I was almost home.

I found this next one interesting.

I had always wondered about the panhandle of Oklahoma. Turns out, no one else wanted it

OOHHH, Oklahoma twisties...

Lots of nice welcome signs out in this area.

Hey, some wildlife.

He posed so nicely for the camera.

Another day, very wet day, but a little closer to my goal.
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