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WTF happened here?...

Today, I was on the last leg of a 600-mile trip. About 200 miles into the last leg (which was about 300 miles total), I noticed this...

What the hell happened here? Did I grenade something?

I thought the crankcase vented into the airbox. However, there is motor oil all over the left/rear (exterior) of the airbox, and the left-side of the rear cylinder.

At first, I thought that the oil on the outside (left/rear) of the airbox was the filter oil that had been leaking since I oiled the pre-filter. That shit has been dribbling-off for weeks...guess I put too much. However, the oil that is now on the exterior of the airbox seems to match the oil that is on the rear cylinder (which I would guess is engine oil...judging by it's color and consistency).

What the hell did I mess-up now?...

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