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Third day on the road and at least things look dryer.

I tried to figure out how to get a photo of a large one of these

I couldn't get a good one, so this is the best I got. I couldn't believe how long they make these. Wish I had a lawn mower like this.

I can't imagine how long it took to plow these fields by horse. Would have been rough enough with this.

Somewhere in this area I saw a very nice mule deer buck, but he was too quick for me to get a picture.

One more state.
I talked to some locals and was told the most scenic route from where I was went across northern New Mexico. Sounded OK to me.

New Mexico has them too...

They could use a little refurbishing though.

They even sent out the welcoming committee for me.

These two fellas did not like me being between them.

There was one on each side of the road, and they didn't appreciate the fact I stopped between them.

This is what I was looking for

Things are looking up.

There are some beautiful areas here.

I was riding across this wide flat valley and the speed limit dropped. I couldn't figure out what it was. I came across a hump, and there sit tour buses and cars. I still couldn't see anything, then this showed up.


This gorge running through, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

With a beautiful bridge that barely shows from the road.

More beautiful places, still in New Mexico.

This is part of the San Juan mountains and was a great start in seeing the Rockies.

I got into Chama NM at dark. They were just starting their fireworks. I didn't get any photos of them, but it was a pretty nice show. I couldn't believe how many people were in this little town for the show, it was packed on both sides of the road.

Tomorrow Colorado.
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