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Originally Posted by motomal
I think he means that the switch itself may not be screwed into the cylinder tightly...
Originally Posted by triplenickel
The switches are a known leak spot.
Thank you, gentlemen.

Just when you think you've read everything about the make/model of the bike that you own, you learn something new. I had never heard of the switch being a known leak area. I wish I had known that a few weeks back, when I had the thing apart. Oh well...

Last night, after getting home from work, I looked at the bike a little more closely. It appears that the bike did, indeed, burp oil into the airbox. It also appears that gravity took-over from there, carrying most of the oil to the lower/rear portion of the airbox (inside). It appears that the oil flowed-down between the airbox seal/boot...which I didn't think was possible...and onto the rear intake manifold/cylinder area.

Funny thing is...I had been riding my bike to work, everyday. When I decided to take this trip, I also decided to check the oil level...which I found to be very low. I rode the bike...checked the oil...rode it some more...added oil...rode it some it...etc. I wound-up adding about 2/3 to 3/4 of a liter. That left the oil level just above the "low" line, on the site glass, on the oil bag. It appears that the oil that I added, or most of it, is the oil that the bike got rid of. As I stated, I am at a loss...

P.S.- It appears that the bike does have a little seepage near the oil pressure switch. However, as I noted above, I don't think that was the inception of this particular leak.

Once again, thanks for all the help.

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