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Alright, it's Wednesday, my tires are due in at a shop in Durango...

None too late.

The day before I helped a local guy on a DRZ replace a tube in his front tire and I wondered when one of those rocks was going to pop right through my rear tire. Thanks to Buff36 my front was still in decent shape. Not the greatest tire for the off road riding, but I wouldn't have made it without it.

I had to leave my campsite today, so I packed up and decided I would head southwest and end up at Durango in the afternoon for my tires. Started down the Million Dollar Highway, 550. For anyone that hasn't been here (me before this trip) this is a snow shed.

On highway 550 to prevent frequent avalanches in this spot from blocking the road. Not too sure this is a good motorcycle road in the winter!!

Another pass...

These things are everywhere

There is no way photos can show what a place really looks like, and I'm no photographer, but I couldn't help trying.

Another familiar pass heading west

Heading up

Have to throw in one of these

I don't remember if the sign was missing on this one, or if there were too many people in the way, but there was a storm brewing on top. Almost everyday after the first day I was riding I hit some rain in the afternoon.

Still a beautiful view.

This town was a little different than most around.

Shortly after this I called about my tires and they weren't in. They said the 4th messed up their shipping so they should be in Thursday

I headed up into Telluride and found this in behind it.

As you can see the rain had set in by this time, but I was already wet so I decided to look around some.

Turns out this is as far as you can go. It is one way up the back side of Black Bear Pass from here. Too steep and narrow for two way traffic.

This is looking down on Telluride above the house at the top of the waterfall in the earlier picture.

Apparently it had something to do with mining at some point in time.

By this time I was wet and cold and decided to head down to Cortez for the night and see Mesa Verde NP in the morning.

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