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Mesa Verde National Park is a pretty place and interesting, but allow at least a day if you want to see very much of it.

26 miles in to one of the areas you can see some ruins.

There are a couple you can walk in to see, some you have to ride a tram to get to and some of them you have to buy tickets for a tour.
I walked into one of them, I think it was about a mile round trip.

There was actually two different dwellings under this cliff. They said they were settled a few hundred years apart. Both had similar rooms. The larger round areas were ceremonial chambers. They also had storage areas and sleeping areas.

Apparently the people who lived here didn't get over 5' tall. Even at that these were pretty small spaces. Of course it would get cold here in the winter, so small spaces would be easier to heat.

After I left here I went back to the parking lot and called about my tires and they still weren't in. This left me somewhat frustrated and not in any mood to see more of the architecture, so I took off. By the way, they are working on the road here and it is slow going, with waits in both directions. There is gravel all over the road also. There are other roads and other ruins that would be worth visiting, but will have to be another time for me.

On the way out.

Back up 550 to find a place to camp.

There is an overlook at this pass that is definitely worth stopping for. Beautiful views.


And my camp for the next couple nights.

This was just north of Silverton. The campground was full, so I found a place in the forest in a "designated camping area".

There were people camping everywhere this week. I don't know how often it is like this, but it was hard to find a campsite that wasn't surrounded.

Still a few more passes to go. Can I make all of them

Not tonight.

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