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Route is planned (sort of)

First, thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. I plan to follow them as much as possible.

CaveDave, how kind of you to offer us a spot to stay. I had already booked our hotels when I saw your post. But thank you still.

NewHampWoodsRider, each of your recommendations is a good one. The reminder about the oil, tire pressure and braking will be heeded.

DC950, good reminder about hydration. There's a Pelican case on the top rack and we'll have a bike bag on top of that. My son got Mrs. Liberia a back pad to use so I think she'll be in good shape if I can force myself to stop more often than usual. Our daughter is there with an SUV so we can ditch the overpacking with her.

Fatboy, Mrs. Liberia kind of likes the picnic lunch thing but we're talking about one of the small, soft sided coolers that will fit in a pannier.

Route -
Saturday - fly to Boston, bike owner picks us up, pack and drive an hour (69 miles) to hotel.
Sunday/Monday - Drive 2 hours (108 miles) to Lenox, MA where we will stay and visit our daughter for 2 days.
Tuesday - Drive for 7 hours (424 miles) to Winchester, VA where we'll spend the night at a Hampton Inn.
Wednesday - Drive for 7 hours (243 miles) which is includes all of Skyline Drive as well as the upper portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Stay in Roanoke at the Hampton Inn.
Thursday - Drive for 5.5 hours (180 miles) on the BRP to Boone, NC where we'll spend the night at (you guessed it) a Hampton Inn.
Friday - Drive 6 hours (340 miles) back to Murfreesboro, TN. Mostly Interstate.

If we can get started early enough on Tuesday and Friday mornings we could get off the Interstates and take some of the state highways. But Mrs. Liberia isn't really a morning person. So I think we'll have to spend stay pretty close to the schedule above. I think we'll do fine as our longest days shouldn't be more than 10 - 11 from start to stop. That gives us plenty of time to relax and recover in the nicer hotels that we've chosen just for that purpose.
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