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The trip so far, 2

So far we've had a great time. In 22 days we've covered all of 1600 miles. It's odd being the slowest thing on the road.
We've been floating 3 times.
Seen a mated pair & 3 yr old bald eagle. The young one from the length of a kayak paddle.
Ground squirrels, marmots, deer, elk, a suicidal wolf I almost hit, and the very rare & ellusive North American Tea Bagger. Found only in rural parts of the US.
We've had one problem with my headlights which didn't work for 10 days. A grounding problem.
My rear tire was slowly going flat. Turned out to be a bad valve cap.
Repaired the attachements of Jessica's trunk a few times.
Saw young Canadians singing & dancing, the Canadian Idol winner singing (blah), aerialists, flying taiko drummers, and 4 bikes in the Sphere of Death while 4 other bikes went flying through the air behind.

We've abandoned or shipped home some clothes & trimmed down our gear.

How about some photos?
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