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Today's the day

Up at 6:30 this morning for a leisurely completion of packing and preparation. LiberiaSon is headed our way to deliver us to the airport. Our flight leaves at 12:50 CST and we arrive in Boston, via Baltimore, at 6:05 EST. Bill, the prior owner, is picking us up at the airport and will take us to his house which is about an hour south of the airport.

I'm anxious to see the bike. I really love the Happy Trails panniers for some reason although I don't have enough experience with any of them to know what's best. Riders on this site debate metal vs. plastic vs. soft panniers. Since we don't do any significant off road riding I guess it doesn't matter so much.

Breakfast was toast and eggs, prepared by yours truly, with Mrs. Liberia making the coffee and washing the dishes. Not a bad setup. Eating on the road is always a little of a challenge for us as we try to follow a healthy eating plan. We use a plan by Dr. Asa Andrew which works good for us. Little to no processed foods, stay away from sugar (use honey, etc instead), and eat organic as much as possible.

Mrs. Liberia has read the thread and thinks that she is going to do fine on the ride. She keeps asking me if there's something that "she doesn't know." I assured her that the only thing she has to worry about is how sore her behind will be by the end of each day. My brother sent up a Butty Buddy for the trip so we'll try that out and see how it works out. My sister-in-law used it on the back of an Indian Scout all the way back from SE Utah to Tennessee and it helped a lot. Plus there will be a Pelican case and a bag on top of that directly behind Mrs. Liberia to give her something to lean against.

It will be late tonight before we're into our hotel room in Westborough, MA so I might not have time to do an update. If not, I will try it on Sunday morning.

Oh, by the way, Mrs. Liberia asked me how long we had been married. I knew that something was not good about the way she asked it. "Thirty-two years," I replied. "Thirty-three," she corrected. This could be a long trip.

Thanks for reading.
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