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Dash Wiring

I've been working on the dash wiring and a lot of other miscellaneous things around the bike since my last report. I'm hoping to get the dash wiring done this weekend.

Here's what I've been dealing with.

All custom stuff for the most part. I made up this diagram to work from. It doesn't yet include the instrument lights.

On the dash I'll have switches for two independently switched auxiliary front lights, a switch for the headlight low beam, and a switch for the hazard flasher. I have a hazard capable flasher unit, but I still need to figure out what kind of switch it needs and how to wire it in. I'll also have a rotary pot for variable power grip heaters. I'll cover the design of these in another report.

To power the GPS unit I'll have a 5 volt source going to a USB Mini-B plug. This will plug directly into my GPS. I'll also have another 5 volt source going to a USB Series A receptacle to power auxiliary devices like a cell phone charger, a Walkman, or an NiMH battery charger.

Here's what I'm working on for the USB power, I'll have two separate LM7805 linear voltage regulators for the supply. I had some USB cables kicking around that I'll cut up and solder to the LM7805's output.

Just for reference, a typical pinout for USB connectors:

pin 1	red	+5 volt
pin 2	white	data -
pin 3	green	data +
pin 4	black	gnd
I'll just leave the white and green data lines unconnected. The regulators I chose can source 2 amps each, but to do so for very long will need good heat sinks on them. I'll screw them down directly to the aluminum dash for that.

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