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The bike has been parked for a few days as we had torrential rain yesterday and today was spent doing things I'd been putting off for too

Heavy thunderstorms are predicted for tonight and into the morning, however the afternoon looks promising as of now.
In the meantime I thought I'd go with a blast from the past.

Let me preface this first by saying I am not a fan of riding at night, I do my best to be off the road before dusk and the wild creatures
descend upon the roads. Of the times 3 stand out in my memory

The first was when I was 17, in the medieval days before before digital cameras, the second 2 fortunately for me came about just a few days apart
in early April 2009.

The first one I refer to as " The night of the Geese" and it was that day I got the luckiest picture of my life, but thats a tale for another time.

First comes this one - It was an exceptionally beautiful day for early April, the sky was and impossible shade of blue, with cotton candy clouds
and temperatures in the low 60's. I cut out from work around 2 and just rode letting the memories of a brutal winter fade pleasantly away.So engrossed in
the ride I never even stopped for a picture and before I knew it the shadows were lengthening and I suddenly awoke from my reverie and realized I should head home.

As I turned onto the lake road I came upon a sight so mesmerizing I pulled over pulled out my camera and sttod on the shore until I had filled up a 4
gig memory card. After the card was full I stayed there untill the light was gone wanting to sear it into my memory as I knew no picture could ever
fully convey the spectacle I had been witness too.

This, then was the night I refer to as the ......

Lake on Fire

This is kind of a crappy shot but I like it anyway, the black dot with the wake behind it is a muskrat and the memory of watching it swim through that gilded water is amazing

Thanks for looking, theres a few more pics here
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