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Saturday - A new bike

Saturday - LiberiaSon dropped us off at the airport at 11:30am for our 12:50 flight to BWI and then on to Logan Field in Boston.

We had our baggage down to a minimum but knew that it was still likely too much. We checked 2 bags (free on Southwest!) and could have checked 2 more at no charge. One of the bags was a Rally Pack which is designed for motorcycles. The other was a small, thin “throw away” duffle bag used jut to get us to the panniers on the motorcycle. We had a backpack with my computer, Mrs. Liberia’s camera bag and 2 helmets as carry ons. Not too bad for 2 people on a fly n ride for a total of 6 days on the road.

We left Nashville a few minutes late but got to BWI right on time. With an hour before the next flight we decided to get a bite to eat a the Tex-Mex place in the airport. Mrs. Liberia had a great salad and I had a good bowl of tortilla soup (sorry I forgot to tell her that every meal must be photographed). We got to our gate just as people were lining up to board so the timing was perfect. Once on the plane however, we taxied out and then were informed of a delay due to bad weather in Boston. So we ended up leaving about 40 minutes late. The weather was gone by the time we arrived in Boston.

Picking up our baggage we were met by Bill and began the hour long ride to his house. He was a very nice guy and provided several additional items for the bike that were not discussed as well as having moved the Pelican top case back so there would be more room for Mrs. Liberia. (I don’t know why we didn’t get a picture of him before we left.)

It was completely dark before we left his house for the 1:15 ride to Westborough and the DoubleTree Hotel. (We got a smoking deal there through - $63 plus tax.)

Thankfully it was an easy set of directions from his house to I-495 (2 turns and we were on the Interstate). The 69 mile ride was a good one with the previous rain having cooled things down considerably.

The KLR was geared noticeably high which was good news for the time we would spend on interstates. At 70mph it showed 4,500 rpm. Even with 2 people and a lot of baggage the power was good. Bill used the bike to commute so the tires are 90% street oriented. Again, good for the trip home.

Arriving at the DoubleTree we noticed 2 Harley’s parked on the side of the entranceway so we moved the KLR behind them allowing it to be within sight of the front desk personnel. Checking in we received the famous hot chocolate chip cookies that are the trademark of the hotel chain.

It was nearly 10:30pm when we checked in and we hurried to get our baggage up to the room so that we could make it to the hotel restaurant before it stopped serving at 11:00. We made it with 15 minutes to spare but the waiter was not happy to see us. “The kitchen closes in 10 minutes so you will have to hurry.” We excused ourselves rather than rush our meal and ordered a chicken parm pizza from a local pizza place. It was good but Dr. Asa would not have been happy with our food selection.

Day 1 - 69.4 miles on the bike. 1,178 miles by car and plane.

The room is very nice and we feel like a good night’s sleep is at hand.

There is free internet in the lobby but it’s $10 in the room. So I’m posting yesterday’s report this morning.
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