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Here is where -w- started + a few posts along the way....

Originally Posted by -W-
I just bought new set of these to be fitted to my F800GS when I have time to do the conversion at some point in the future (probably next fall). We will see how it goes, but basically should be relative easy thing to do when using parts of these ones and some parts of original beemer ones:

Biggest problem is to get 30mm more travel to the rear suspension also to keep the suspension in balance..
Originally Posted by mousitsas
Contact hyperpro. They do custom things. You need a shock with 10mm (or so) longer suspension stroke than stock.
Originally Posted by -W-
Both forks have been taken to peaces and it looks quite promising. Aluminum part of F800GS´s lower legs has to be machined to fit compression valve/adjuster of Shivers, but otherwise quite straight forward.

At the moment I have also decided not to put Shivers to F800GS as they are, but instead of that swap all the inner parts from Shivers to F800GS fork and make them as 230mm Shivers with full compression & rebound adjustments (bike was getting a bit too high to me with 265mm Shivers).

Currently I am traveling, so it it will take some time to proceed with this project, but I have already ordered new linear Öhlins springs (55Nm instead of original 44Nm) which I will put to these "Shivered" F800GS forks.
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