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Originally Posted by -W-
Forks have been now revalved by professional guy and.... jeesus they are sweet!

Shock dyno (not my fork at the picture like you see;).

Now you can blast through rock gardens with unbeleavable speed since front end tracks really well - doesn't bottom out or bounce from the rocks. Couldn't be more happier! Revalving made a huge different like was excpected - best euros ever used on a bike!

Currently I am running with 240mm stroke at the front (+10mm to normal) since I also took one spacer away from original rear shock (about +10mm more stroke there too - now 225mm). I will go back to 250mm stroke at the end when I have my new rear shock ready. I also swapped all the Shiver Factory 45 inner parts away and installed all the inner parts from Aprlia RXV's Shivers because one of the Factory 45's inner tubes was damaged (already from the factory production line) and it would have cost more than the whole Aprilia forks!

BUT the good thing with those RXV forks is that they have spring plates more lower than Factory 45's are having -> no need to cut the tube and relocate the spring plate like you have to do with the Factory 45's!

So in the end if you end up doing this conversion with the right parts (like RXV forks) it is REALLY easy and straight forward process:

1. Machine basevalve housings to lower legs.
2. Machine spacer to the damper rod. If you use RXV forks you will need 40mm spacer to get stock 230mm travel, 30mm spacer to have 240mm travel etc.
3. Put all the Shiver inner parts to you stock forks. No need to modify anything if you don't want to change the placement of bottom out piston which stock F800GS forks doesn't even have. And of course you fork is already having new bushes and seals;).
4. Put new springs and cut the spacers to get decired sag etc. I would recommend to use linear spring if you really want to have good suspension. I have Íhlins 55kg springs, 14mm of preload and 100mm of oil level/air chamber height at the moment.
5. Take the forks to some suspension guru who knows what they are doing. This part is vital to get these forks work like they should since you have much stiffer springs that the Shiver inner parts are tuned from the factory. Also valving of the stock Shivers can be a bit hars sometimes.
6. Enjoy of you new suspension!

...and next thing for you will be rear suspension because now the front is "too good" compared to that..
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