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Originally Posted by matman1972
plug was most likely for lights on a set of cases. I used a trailer hookup on another bike I had to run lights and turn signals on a set of givi boxes.
Boy I dunno--came with a normal (and beat) set of Krausers. Today's progress was getting the rest of the wiring into the headlight bucket and detailing the main case and the timing chain cover. Motor as I got it:

After cleaning with Simple Green, brake cleaner, and a ScotchBrite rubdown:

And after the paint applied with a softer ScotchBrite, with front and starter covers added to check the match:

I'm OK with the match at 20 feet, a little leery at five feet, and I don't like it at one foot. Trying to keep my perspective. Cylinders will be coming off to reseal their bases and the PR tubes and I may redo some of it while they're off.

I had to replace and correct this:

And apparently the only way to do it now is to replace the breather dome along with the hose. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the PO had updated from the turkey gobbler to the reed valve breather:

This week the sump comes off for cleaning, detailing and a reseal and a look at the insides, particularly the pickup.
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