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Originally Posted by Mituk
My '96 with 36k miles also does the "skip" in 3rd gear . . . IF I engage 3rd below about 3300 rpm. If I run up to 4800 - 5000 in 2nd, then go to 3rd, it doesn't do it. Not sure why this would matter. So far I've just been very careful with 3rd gear, and spend as little time as possible there.
But, it's good to know what it will take to fix it. I'll have to pull the transmission this fall and ship it off to Anton. . . . rats . . . .
. That's exactly what mine used to do I rode "around" the problem as you described for a year and about 6000 miles but it did slowly get worse and began doing it in second gear as well. The upside was that I learned to let the bike rev and that seemed to cure the pinging problem. I can use 87 octane pump gas most of the time now, whereas when I used to lug it around at low rpm it would rattle like a can of marbles in hot weather, even on premium.
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