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Originally Posted by Mituk
My '96 with 36k miles also does the "skip" in 3rd gear . . . IF I engage 3rd below about 3300 rpm. If I run up to 4800 - 5000 in 2nd, then go to 3rd, it doesn't do it. Not sure why this would matter. So far I've just been very careful with 3rd gear, and spend as little time as possible there.
But, it's good to know what it will take to fix it. I'll have to pull the transmission this fall and ship it off to Anton. . . . rats . . . .
If you delay the repair, you'll have to replace more than the fork. The shift drum and sprockets will suffer damage in time. My problems developed over 20k km (~12500miles) from the first symptoms.
No bikes right now :( Used to own the best dommie in Romania and a damn-good R1100GS. Modded the hell out of both before selling them. Looking to get another bike soon.
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