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Our final service was done on the bikes two weeks ago so we are good to go. Only thing they found was a weep from the transmission seal. I could smell oil from day 1 on this thing but we could never find it, until now. They said it is a major tear down; not what I wanted this close to this trip. They also said it would not be a problem on the trip. Ok, we will put this off until I return.

Chris's bike was solid. The best part was the loners for the Day. I took a 1200r, and he an 800s I believe. Too much fun for him. This did not help with the 650 over Ducati decision. He can't wait until the next service. Too funny.

Ok, only two last 'hmmmms' before we head out. Tire choices, and Top Box or not. The AK tire issue is a tired issue, and if the topic itself had been a tire, it would have been worn down to the cords long ago. But I still agonized.

For tires in AK here is my take. TKC on the Front and street on the rear and be done. TKC's are better off pave, no question, but I don't think that TKC's will make much difference at all on the slime they call mud in AK, but what do I know. For us, the thought of having a spare for the Dempster seemed like a good idea, so if I am going to take a tire anyway, why not TKC's front and rear and when we need to swap out in 3k miles we will keep the old as our spare for the Demptster. That, and with the co$t of tires in Canada , carrying our own for the whole trip was an easy choice.

For the Top Box question, I don't really like they way they ride, high and back, and I don't really like the way they look either. But just like the tires, sometimes the results go the other way. We would stuff the box with dried food, lighter than the box itself, and the box would serve as a one stop shopping for food and cookware. It also served as a bear 'resistant' (but not proof) box that we could easily hang as required. It also freed up some packing room so on road packing had lots of freedom.

So there we go. I took the day before the trip off work such that there would be no last minute shuffles, or late night scrambles. We leave tomorrow. Hard to believe. Please no comments on the garage. Over the past two weeks the bikes have taken over and nothing, I repeat nothing, seemed to have been put away after use.
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