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Monday - Day3

I drifted off to sleep last night a little after midnight but Mrs. Liberia and LiberiaDaughter stayed up talking until 3:00am. I just can't hang with them that late.

At 7:00am it's time to get up and do something without waking the ladies. So I dressed, brushed my teeth and slipped out to try to find the October Mountain State Forest which looks like it has some nice roads. I use the gps and have also looked at Google maps. But the park roads are not on the gps and I have no luck finding my way. I end up about 8 miles south back on Highway 20. So I bail on that idea and decide to drive back up to Pittsfield, MA where I understand a Wal-Mart resides. I've decided to pick up a small, digital camera so that we can take pictures while moving with the KLR. Mrs. Liberia's camera/lens is too large to keep out while travelling and we're missing too many shots. So, with the help of a couple of shop owners, I locate Wal-Mart, decide on a Nikon CoolPix S3000 which is small and takes 12megapixel pictures. My sister-in-law will be proud. She never goes on vacation without spending time at the local Wal-Mart (even in Alaska).

Now back to the motel room to see if anyone is up. It's close to 10:00am and Mrs. Liberia is awake but LiberiaDaughter is still sleeping. Monday's are her only day off and Jacobs Pillow Dance Theater works its interns pretty hard.

Mrs. Liberia helps me test the new camera for movement pictures.

LiberiaDaughter has to do some hair work before we can leave.

Finally everyone is awake and we decide to go to the historic downtown area of Lenox. What a surprise to find duch a beautiful area to explore.

First we park and look at a small park that was created by the local citizens.

Some great artwork:

Then it's time for some coffee:


Then some general bonding and touring:

Isn't she beautiful?

Some flowers along the way:

Then it's on to Lee, MA for lunch, laundry and ice cream.

Joe's Diner is a favorite spot that has entertained presidents and provided inpiration for Norman Rockwell.

There is nothing healthy about a burger, seasoned fries and milkshake.

We even had our own pay phone at the table.

Now to do once a week laundry.

Finally, ice cream at Lucky's.

Then back to the room for a little rest before, can you believe it, dinner. We had discovered a Greek resturaunt in Lenox that we wanted to visit.

Mousaka and 2 Calzones provide way too much food.

We waddle back out to the car and head back for the motel. The weather is wonderful at about 70 degrees. It looks like we'll enjoy good temperatures all the way home rather than the 95-100 degrees we were seeing last week. Now if we can avoid the showers.

Today was a very low mileage day on the bike as most of the day was spent in a cage. The odometer reading includes yesterday's miles as well. So today was only 34 miles.

Tomorrow's a big day. We have to make it all the way to Winchester, VA which is 415 miles of mostly Interstate driving. Mrs. Liberia is a little apprehensive and I'm not really looking forward to it either. But at least it's on a bike.
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