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Monday - Day 3 - Jacob's Pillow

I got tired last night and frustrated loading pictures into Photobucket so I didn't record the last thing we did before dinner. Here's some pictures from a tour of Jacob's Pillow that we did on a quick run back by there so our daughter could drop off the clothes that she washed. Monday is the day everyone is off and most leave for the day.

The front entrance on Highway 20, Becket MA

One of the early clues that you're entering a dance theater campus

Where is everything?

The actual rock from which Jacob's Pillow get's its name

The Administration Building including the Stone Cafe and "the Nook"

The Inside Out theater where free concerts are given. From the right angle it looks as though the dancers are floating in the air.

The cottage LiberiaDaughter shares with 5 other girls who are interning.

Sommers Studio

The Avnet House for eductional activites

St. Denis studio. Where the dancers warm up.

The Doris Duke Theater where we watched Jacoby and Pronk perform

Blake's Barn where the archive of prior shows is maintained

The Ted Shawn Theater. Shawn was the founder of Jacob's Pillow

A "shot in the dark" inside The Ted Shawn Theater

Some flower pictures I took while wondering around the grounds

A final picture to reinforce the weirdness of artists

Goodbye to a relaxing day. Tomorrow will be 400+ miles of steady riding.
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