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Originally Posted by -W-
There is a small hole (like 1mm diameter or so) drilled through the hollow rod (which has the rebound adjusting rod in it) just couple of cm up from the rebound valve. This hole will be covered with that 40mm spacer if you don't drill similar or bigger (like I did) hole to spacer. Probably the hole isn't necessarely needed, but I didn't want to take any chances because there is definitely some reason why original Shiver forks have this small hole (both, Factory and RXV, forks which I have taken to parts have this hole).

Don't remember the overall lenght of the forks, but you can pretty easily measure that by your self. How ever it is quite impossible to use RXV forks as they are in F800GS since upper tubes are much lower in RXV forks - your bash plate would go 'trough the groung' at full compression..

And what comes to stock travels you are correct.
Yep. Got it & thanks. I appreciate the info. I talked to him about the oil hole in the damper rod. he didn't seem to think a hole was needed. I'll let him figure that one out and will report back what he says.

RE: length. I took the forks apart before I remembered to measure them. He will probably put them together and see the difference. I trust your 40mm measurement and gave it to him. Will report back on that one too.

BTW - thanks for being the PIONEER on this one. Great and easy fix so far.
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