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On The Road Again

I got my GS put back together and took it for a little spin. Everything is in perfect working order, runs great, shifts smooth with no glitches at all.

This is my first BMW, never even rode one untill recently. It did disapoint me to have to put out work & cash so soon after buying it, but did not discourage me at all. I like the way it feels and I just wanted to ride it some more. WOW

It was my first time to work on a BMW also, not too bad a job, took some time and attention to detail. If you are having problems with your GS and you are mechanically inclined, go for it. Take detailed pictures, measure before you pull the gears out and keep track of your shims, it will help. I saved a lot of money by doing the job myself. I'm getting a book, going back and forth from the garage to the computer to look and read was a pain in the ass.

I'm ready to ride, I'm always ready to ride.

Let's Ride!
Riding a Motorcycle is like flying like a Eagle without ever leaving the ground. KLR's are not boring if you know how to ride.
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