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Day 6 - Thursday - Another beautiful day

This morning I tried the same thing that seemed to work yesterday. Letting Mrs. Liberia sleep as late as she wants. So I slipped out to update yesterday's ride report at around 5:45am.

By the way, here's a picture of the Butty Buddy that has been a lifesaver.

My bride got breakfast in bed again this morning. I know I didn't have to cook it but I did have to walk all the way up to the room with the plate and coffee.

Soon (like at about 10:30am) we were ready to go.

As we're leaving Roanoke Gayla notices a "different" building. See if you see it in the photo.

Soon we're back on the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoying the wonderful vistas.

The BRP has more sweeping curves rather than the descending circles that are the rule on Skyline Drive. So I'm able to take almost all the curves at the 45mph speed limit. Fun without being scary.

Mrs. Liberia finally caught some of the wildlife still long enough to get a picture. A doe deer with a fawn in tow. We only saw one even though most have twins at birth.

The BRP seems to have a lot of privately owned property along it while thee were no privated farms/homes/etc. along Skyline Drive.

Nice sweeping curves and a lot more open and flat land along the way.

We stopped a lot more than on Tuesday (I may be a slow learner but I do learn). Mrs. Liberia wanted to make sure that everyone knew her shirt was a special sun blocker model and that she washes it out every night and dries it. Of course I'm saying that she keeps wearing the same shirt every day without washing it.

We even took time to rest some during our stops.

The BRP offers a lot of educational opportunities along the way. One of the best is a small farm village that included a working mill, blacksmith's shop, weaver's loom, etc. Here are some pictures from our stop there.

My sweetheart

The water flume taking water to the mill to turn the large wheel.

A flower just because

A peek in the blacksmith's shop

A cage that my son-in-law could use to catch squirrels

An employee carving some items for the farm.

A whiskey still for the Harley Riders

A close up of the mill

A final vista for you

A late lunch in Sparta, NC at Brown's Resturant. It was fabulous. You should eat there. The fried squash was the best.

Even the overpasses were attractive

Another comfortable room at Hampton Inn - Boone, NC

A late dinner from a Greek resturant. Greek salad, stuffed grape leaves, hummus with pita bread and spanakopita.

Tomorrow we're back to regular roads. Not looking forward to that.

By the way, here's the mileage figures by fill up:

Tank 1 52.8
Tank 2 53.6
Tank 3 49.4 (Interstate only)
Tank 4 56.92 (Skyline and first half of BRP)
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