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speaking of Ruffner Mtn. is now a city park of more than 1000 acres. My memories are hazy but I'm pretty sure there are some graves there.
I checked the brief Wiki and the Nature Center's own website - no mention of tombs/graves/cemetery/tombstones etc. Its sad but the place probably has fewer visitors now than it did when it was a defunct old holding of the mining company.

Alabama is peculiarly blessed from an ADV inmate's viewpoint. Whenever I fly into Birmingham airport, I"m amazed looking down at the wealth of dirt/churt/gravel roads all around the county and surrounding areas. I lived there a long time and road a bit but I bet I did not explore 2% of what's out there.

A lot of the magic comes from a land situation that is the reverse of Texas. Texas people are proud of the fact that 90%+ of all the land here is owned by private individuals/families and/or their trusts/estates. But that makes for lousy ADV because even county-funded roads are gated/locked... off-limits to riders. In 'bama, there are vast tracts of pristine woodland and ranges that are held by large corporate and utility interests: lumber, mining, and interestingly - Power companies [and water utilities to boot]. For a pittance one can get a recreational permit that gives you the run of the place on an annual basis. I have ridden thousands of miles in those places and never even asked ONCE for i.d. etc. I learned to hunt, fish, shoot, and ride on those blessed tracts of land.

So its a peculiar world: the media paint the picture of Evil Big Business being the arch-devil of the Environmental orgs, but the reality is otherwise. If Environmental groups owned all these zillion acres they would be off limits to folks like us. I do not abuse nature, I try to always leave it a little cleaner and better appreciated than when I entered.

So.... .... MORE! we want MORE!
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